VERTU - the most expensive mobile phones in the world

VERTU Ascent
Inspired by the design of classic sport cars, the Vertu Ascent is as tough as it is elegant.
Colours: Yellow, Blue, rsd, Black, Brown, Tan
Volume: 78 cm3
Length: 108mm
Width: 44mm
Depth: 22mm
Weight: 173g
High performance 20mm handsfree loudspeaker
Advanced yamaha polyphonic hardware
From 2.5 to 4 hours talk time
Up to 270 hours standbt time
GSM Tri-band coverage in over 175 countries worlwide
Display and key pad
High resolution dynamic display with Crystal fine technology
Precision engineered stainless steel keys with jewelled bearings
Modem support
PC synchronisation
User interface
Text messaging (SMS)
Multi-media messaging (MMS) and Email
Multi-language predictive text input
Alarm clok
Advanced Agenda
Large user memory: 1000 names in phonebook, 220 calendar notes, 100 SMS
Languages support
English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Tradotional Chinese, simplified Chinese
* Data cable is sold separately
**Some features are network and/or service depemdent.
Specigications are subject to change without notice. the availability of particular products and services may vary by region.

iPod Love

iPod Love. Penn Campus, West Philadelphia

The world's greatest hacky sack player

The world's greatest hacky sack player. No joke. Rittenhouse Square Park, Philadelphia

Avril Bringing Some Class To Cannes

I am not a fan of Avril Lavigne's. She totally picks my ass.
Maybe if she wouldn't make some lame finger salute in every damn picture taken...
No, she'd still be annoying.

And if I hear one more person say her name and the word punk in the same sentence, let's just say it won't be pretty.

Ph0to courtesy of Egostatic

I'm in a book!

I had completely forgotten about the interview I had last summer by a lady who was writing a book titled Weekend Entrepreneur. It is a book listing different ways you can make money and I was referred to this lady as someone in the mystery shopping industry whose story could be used in the book.

This morning, I received an email from a PR lady who, I'm guessing, was emailing the different people whose stories were told in the book. The PR lady asked if I would be interested in promoting my business as well as the book. Heck yeah! I emailed her back on what I do now (no longer a mystery shopper, but have moved up to Director of Marketing).

The promoting will begin next week and PR lady is going to be contacting our local/regional media and hopefully I will be having some public relations interviews set up soon. My fingers are crossed!

Go to Books-A-Million now and you can buy the book "Weekend Entrepreneur". If you live by me, I'll sign the book for ya! hee hee