Lee Ryan's Sexcapades!

lee Ryan has slept with over 500 women. the former blue singer, who previously dated atomic kitten singer liz mclarnon, is convinced he has been with a number of ladies but admits he stepped keeping score a long time ago. he confessed, " don't know how many girls I’ve seduced. i was in a boy band at a young age and I had the rabbit hormone. 500? i don't know, man." lee also confessed to using his mum to help him get rid of girl he dated. the army of lovers singer revealed he was with at that time. he said, "with this one girl, something just wasn't right. I couldn't go any further. So I rang my mum and said,” Mum pretend you're upset. She started screaming down the phone and i put her on loudspeaker. I said 'I've got to go and see her'."


  1. Blogger hibelu @ 1:42 PM

     Wow he sounds like a real catch! If your into herpes.


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