‘Naomi Needs Help’

Naomi Campbell may proclaim that love has sobered her famous temper, but the maid who allegedly suffered the fiery models fury, has spoken for the first time about her ordeal. Battered housekeeper Ana Scolavino believes Campbell’s violent rages could kill. “she is so crazy you never know when she will hit out. Anything can send her into a frenzy. There is not a single nice bone in Naomi’s body. She is a psychotic monster. On the catwalk she might look beautiful but apart from her face in person she is the ugliest person I have met,” she was quoted by the news of world, as saying. “she need serious psychological help before she hurts or even kills someone. I should know I am lucky to be alive. Every day she was like a wild, caged animal ready to pounce on any victim, screaming and swearing at everyone.”


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